Photographer: Winn Mickey
1990 to present working professional photographer.
Both self taught and mentored by full time professionals.
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Joined the US Air Force
with a career in aviation stationed in Mt Home, Idaho.
Four years later with a honorable discharge from military service
and a move to the city of Boise to become home for the next
40 years.

"Boise, Idaho is a great city, I love it here. We live in a great period of
time experiencing so many technological break throughs and
electronic marvels. I been shooting weddings and individuals and
their families for many years. Shooting film then digital 35mm.
I relied on outside sources to perform a great deal of my work.
Today's market with digital I can do most of the work from shoot
to printing myself without the hassle of someone else defining what
you and I wanted as a final image. I still use other sources in the process
where it makes sense to do so. I have learned many trades over the
years and Photography is the one I love the most. I have always
been an artist with a pencil and later oils and canvas and eventually
the camera. Started shooting 35mm in 1984 and been shooting
ever since. Looking forward to working with you."


Personal Credits:
Govt. Emp. 36 yrs.
General Aviation Pilot
Piano Enthusiast
Father of 4 wonderful adults